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we’re passionate


about helping the female entrepreneur bring her vision to light through powerful storytelling.




To empower and inspire women with the tools to actively engage in the global economy, push limits and pursue financial freedom.

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OUR values

support rising women

  1. Freedom

    We aren’t the “Lean in” kinda girls. We are pioneering the “Lean out” movement. The one that says, “I don’t want a seat at the table, but I’ll take a seat on a plane!” We aren’t into working for the man and the 9-5 thing. We are into helping you design a lifestyle, build the business of your dreams and make a fuck ton of money while making a positive impact on the world.

  2. Citizenship

    We love the word citizenship because it implies PARTICIPATION and actively participating in your life and community is sexy. To us, a citizen feminist is an advocate for women rising, a human who intentionally spends money on female owned businesses, fights to get women into leadership roles and cheers on the dreams of young queens. Everyone is invited to this party. Do you care about creating gender parity on this planet? Well then you are citizen feminist too! (read more in our article WTF is Citizen Feminism)

  3. Urgency

    We believe in living life urgently. In creating and connecting as if there is no tomorrow. We take your dreams very seriously here at CTZN FEM.

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Our Team

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jessie| Co founder